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What data do we collect?

Every installed application gets assigned a randomly generated identifier. Since this identifier is random, it doesn't allow us to identify you. You can however opt to couple this identifier to your account. Whenever you reinstall the app or delete the app's data, a new identifier will be generated.

In accordance with our privacy policy, we will never share your data with third parties, unless the law obliges us to do so or unless we have obtained your explicit permission. All data exchanged with our websites is end-to-end encrypted using TLS.

When you use the app to submit us a point, we send the following information along:

App ID
As described above, is this a randomly generated identifier assigned to an instance of an installed app.
Optional. This token only get sent when you link the app to your account, and serves to authenticate you.
Your location as calculated by your device's GPS (in GPS coordinates).
Time of update
The time when the point was (last) determined by your device.
Type of point
The type of the point as indicated in the app.
The applicable speedlimit around the point, as indicated in the app.
Optional. The comment you provide in the app.
The estimated accuracy of your GPS signal. This allows us to estimate the accuracy of the point sent.
Speed and direction
Your speed and direction of movement as calculated by your GPS. Again, this allows us to estimate the accuracy, and whether this point was sent e.g. while driving.

We like to be as transparent as possible about the data we collect. If you have any questions about this process, do not hesitate to contact us!


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