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Speed checks in Belgium

You'll find here all the info you need concerning Belgian speedchecks.

Announced police checks Saturday 08 August 2020

Belgiƫlei, Antwerpen

Herentalseweg (N13), Geel; Drijhoek, Geel; Lakstraat, Laakdal; Steenweg op Meerhout, Laakdal; Schoolstraat, Meerhout; Kiezel (N126), Meerhout

J.B. Charlierlaan, Hoeilaart; Bergstraat, Overijse; Abstraat, Overijse

Last edited: 2020/08/08; 88 police zones monitored

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Fixed radars

We maintain the most accurate list of all fixed radars in Belgium. Discover them all here!

Last update: 2020/07/23

Number in the list: 2116

> Overview per province

> New fixed radar? Keep us informed!

Trajectory speed controls

Trajectory speed controls become more and more widespread. We group them together in a list!

Last update: 2020/07/07

Number in the list: 23

> Overview list

> Submit a missing trajectory control

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